Experience Room Scale VR In Person With OverclockersUK

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.03.2016 10:49:25

Virtual Reality will be the big tech. story of 2016, but the most disappointing aspect is that relatively few people have had the opportunity to experience it. Whether it be Samsung's 'affordable' Gear VR, one of the many Oculus designs or the HTC Vive, not many of those who want to jump in with both feet have even seen a headset in the flesh. And that's a problem - these devices start at 'pricey' and swiftly reach eye-wateringly costly, as you might expect for an early-adopter purchase.

If only a retailer were to set up a permanent showroom for VR, so everyone could try it before they buy it. Well, as it turns out, one UK retailer has.

OverclockersUK are today announcing the addition of a Room Scale VR setup to their Newcastle-Under-Lyme showroom, powered by HTC Vive and NVIDIA GeForce VRReady graphics. The setup not only showcases the immersive qualities of VR, it also will demonstrate the potential of HTC's currently unique free-form solution. Anticipating fairly high demand, OCUK have made the VR Experience open to the public via an online booking system.

By making available a demonstration of the technology OCUK let consumers discover how much of a game-changer VR really can be, especially with hardware that can keep up with VR's stringent performance requirements. Users can also find out if the experience is a comfortable one for them, a fact that's often assumed but not necessarily a given.

Naturally the demonstration configuration, as well as a huge range of out-the-box VR Ready systems, are available from OCUK. Prices start at 749 and the entire range is almost infinitely configurable, whether it be to meet the 'recommended' spec or blast past the requirements and never look back.

More information on VR Ready systems and upgrade bundles can be found at overclockers.co.uk/virtual-reality. The Room Scale VR Experience will open on March 19th.

Hopefully other retailers, and even the national chains, will follow OCUK's lead to make a taste of VR possible for everyone in the UK.

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