Facebook Flaw gives Rise to Page Hijacking

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅05.09.2011 18:21:01

Facebook Pages are an ever growing important public relation medium for more and more businesses, with millions of viewers following you would think that security measures would be in place so that information shared between these pages will not be abused. Recently, however it has arised that there is a very simple way to hijack the pages and it is down to how the admin rights on the pages work. Facebook states that admin cannot remove original creator of the page from control but this turns out to be false and that admin CAN remove the original owner from control effectively locking them out of power and hijacking the page.

This has caused several people issues where they had to create a new page.. which is not ideal as this needs to be communicated in some way to all previous followers. Facebook has so far been unresponsive to requests for help on this issue.

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