Fallout 4 Automatron DLC Image Released

👤by Noah Cunning Comments 📅20.03.2016 01:48:45

Releasing nearly 5 months ago Fallout 4 still remains in the top 10 of Steam top selling games. Bethesda wants to keep fans happy, so they have lined up DLC to release sporadically throughout this year and today they gave us a sneak peek at their soonest to be released DLC, Automatron which is planned to release in May 2016. The second, Wasteland will be released in April 2016 and the thidt Far Harbor will be released in May of 2016.

Today Bethesda has given us a sneak peak of the new Automatron DLC. Released on Facebook (now removed) the image is pictured below. In the photo the screenshots gives us a view of Ada, on of Automatron expansion’s robot companion. Along with the other robots planned to release in the Automatron DLC Ada will be fully customizable.

The DLC is based on a character called the Mechanist who has unleashed a horde of malevolent robots into the Commonwealth. Those who purchase the DLC will be able to hunt down robots and harvest parts to build their own customizable robot companions. This DLC will be available for purchase March 22 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC

The second Fallout 4 DLC, will be called Wasteland and will be released in April of 2016, This DLC will add traps for players to place and design to capture live creatures that can be tamed or faught. The DLC will also include new design options for your settlements.

The final DLC Far Harbor will be released in May of 2016 this DLC is promised to be the biggest of the 3 DLC released. Players will have the chance to travel to Fal Harbor to bring peace to the land. A land made even more feral by higher levels of radiation.

Available for purchase is the Fallout 4 Season Pass which includes all 3 DLC for $49.99 USD. This can be found here..

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