Final Call - AMD 7000-Series Never Settle Forever Ends Tomorrow

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅30.12.2013 14:09:12

After four months of being the most popular gaming bundle on the planet* the sunset period for AMD's Never Settle Forever offer has almost arrived. According to the current Terms and Conditions the redemption period of Unique IDs acquired from the purchase of Radeon HD7000-series cards ends on the 31st December (although no exact time is listed), and from the 1st of January the ID will no longer be valid. Those who have purchased the R7 260X Never Settle graphics bundle have until March 31st to redeem their Unique ID.

Unfortunately it's not clear if game codes themselves can be claimed after the 31st December deadline if you have already redeemed your Unique ID. To be safe we'd suggest grabbing your codes now rather than risk it, but hopefully clarification will be incoming from AMD.

Since August the Radeon Rewards tiers have rotated through a pretty wide selection of game titles including the well regarded Tomb Raider 2013 and Devil May Cry. Those who didn't redeem their voucher immediately may be interested to hear that Saints Row 4 is still part of the Gold Tier (accessible from purchases of HD7900-series cards), whilst more recently Thief 4 was added to both Gold and Silver Tiers ahead of its anticipated release in late February 2014.

With the exception of the R7 260X this is effectively the end of Never Settle rewards as the majority of the current crop of AMD cards aren't currently eligible, although select Radeon R9 200-series cards are bundled with Battlefield 4. For more information visit AMD's Radeon Rewards microsite.

*Warning: statement may contain a little hyperbole.

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