Final Fantasy IX On Its Way To PC, Android and IOS

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅31.12.2015 17:50:16

Final Fantasy fans rejoice! Square Enix quietly announced today that the Ninth - and perhaps highest rated - installment of the epic Final Fantasy franchise will be coming to PC, Android and iOS soon.

Final Fantasy IX was the last Final Fantasy title to be released on the original Playstation, and unlike VII and VIII never saw a PC release. Despite a few technical hitches with the title on the older console (alleviated somewhat by the PS2 version), FF IX remains one of the highest rated titles in the franchise. More than 5 million copies over the span of its release (including PSOne Classics releases etc.), making it an unqualified success.

It's not clear to what extent, if any, the game will be remastered for its PC release, however as this 2013 NEOGaf thread shows some beautiful high-resolution artwork, including backgrounds and character models, were created during the games development that went on to be down-rez'd for the console. Hopefully this artwork can be reused, rather than a repeat of the graphically lacklustre FFVI PC remaster.

Unfortunately an official release date hasn't been given as yet, nor minimum/recommended PC specs (which really should be very modest indeed). As with other recent PC remastered releases of Final Fantasy titles the game should be available through Steam upon release.

More information, including story and character profiles, can be found at

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