Final Fantasy XV's PC Requirements Are On The Modest Side

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Square Enix's epic RPG Final Fantasy XV is scheduled for release on Windows PCs in early 2018, and has now been listed on the listed on the Windows Store. Normally that wouldn't be cause for comment except in this instance both minimum and recommended PC system specifications have also been issued.


OS:- Windows 10
DirectX:- Version 11
Memory:- 8 GB
Processor:- Intel® Core™ i5 2400 (3.1GHz) or AMD FX™-6100 (3.3GHz)
Graphics:- GeForce GTX760


OS:- Windows 10
DirectX:- Version 11
Memory:- 16 GB
Processor:- Intel® Core™ i7 3770 (3.4GHz) or AMD FX™-8350 (4.0 GHz)
Graphics:- NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060

Not for this first time this generation the system requirements are fairly modest, at least in the minimum specification side. A mid-range Sandybridge era CPU or AMD 6000-series APU are all that the game demands as a baseline, alongside 8GB RAM. A similar vintage of GPU won't quite do, but the mid-range GeForce GTX 760 from 2013 should be up to the task. AMD's equivalent would probably be the Radeon HD7950 or R9 285.

The recommended specifications are a little more extravagant, but mainly on the RAM and GPU. CPU requirements are low, with only an i7-3770 recommended; memory is turned up a notch to 16GB, and the GPU is a substantially more meaty GTX 1060. It's not clear how optimised this will be for NVIDIA hardware, but in theory AMD's RX 580 should be around the correct performance level.

Square are also listing native 4K resolution support for the game when it launches, but it's unlikely that these recommendations will be capable of playable frame rates under those conditions. Expect GTX 1080/Vega64 levels of performance for that high water mark.

Also worthy of a mention is the use of DirectX 11, an API NVIDIA is particularly adept at exploiting, rather than DirectX 12. We're not sure if Windows 10 is actually required seeing as no mention is made of DX12, or merely a requirement of the version sold via the Windows Store. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will also be sold through Steam when it releases in Early 1028.

SOURCE: Windows Store Listing

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