FinalWire AIDA64 v5.90 Now Available For Home, Professional & Business Users

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅28.03.2017 12:53:22

AIDA64 - a comprehensive benchmarking suite from FinalWire Ltd. - has been a fixture of PC system analysis and evaluation for multiple generations, seeing updates that have taken advantage of new technologies and architectural improvements. This week AIDA64 v5.90 is officially available, heralding support and specific optimisations for AMD's Ryzen platform and Intel Apollo Lake SoC as well as other critical hardware and software releases.

AMD's Ryzen platform, including both motherboard chipsets and CPUs based on the Zen microarchitecture, has already shaken up the PC market; benchmarking suites developed the world over have rushed to retask their tools despite relatively little hands-on time. From simple CPUID functionality all the way to robust benchmarks for CPU caches and system memory, AIDA64 can now be relied upon as part of a rigorous testing regime for AMD's latest entrant to the PC hardware market.

However Ryzen support is merely one aspect of the v5.90 update. Optimisations have been made for systems with Crucial M600, Crucial MX300, Intel Pro 5400s, SanDisk Plus or WD Blue SSD storage, whilst NVMe drives (Samsung drives in particular) should also see improved support. The wide ranging tests available with AIDA64 also necessitated better integration with NZXT Kraken X52 cooler sensors - even this minor note gives some indication of how wide-ranging this update is.

AIDA64 v5.90 also has an eye towards the future. Most notable perhaps is preliminary support for the Microsoft Windows 10 Creator Update, due later this year. Intel's upcoming "Cannonlake", "Coffee Lake", "Denverton", "Kaby Lake-X" and "Skylake-X" CPUs will also be compatible with this version of the suite, making it suitable for pre-release testing and evaluation.

A full list of the features new to AIDA64 v5.90 can be found below and are discussed in greater detail at

New features & improvements of AIDA64 v5.90

- AVX2 and FMA accelerated 64-bit benchmarks for AMD Ryzen "Summit Ridge" processors
- Microsoft Windows 10 Creators Update support
- Optimized 64-bit benchmarks for Intel "Apollo Lake" SoC
- Improved support for Intel "Cannonlake", "Coffee Lake", "Denverton", "Kaby Lake-X", "Skylake-X" CPUs
- Preliminary support for AMD Zen server processors
- Preliminary support for Intel "Gemini Lake" SoC and "Knights Mill" HPC CPU
- NZXT Kraken X52 sensor support
- Socket AM4 motherboards support
- Improved support for Intel B250, H270, Q270 and Z270 chipset based motherboards
- EastRising ER-OLEDM032 (SSD1322) OLED support
- SMBIOS 3.1.1 support
- Crucial M600, Crucial MX300, Intel Pro 5400s, SanDisk Plus, WD Blue SSD support
- Improved support for Samsung NVMe SSDs
- Advanced support for HighPoint RocketRAID 27xx RAID controllers
- GPU details for nVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, Quadro GP100, Tesla P6

AIDA64 v5.90 is available in Extreme, Engineer and Business editions for desktop and mobile PCs, catering to Enthusiast, IT technician and Enterprise requirements respectively. AIDA64 for Mobile Devices is also available to test smartphone and tablet hardware including Android and iOS platforms.