First GTX 1080 3DMark Benchmarks Supplant GTX 980 Ti Highs

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅06.05.2016 01:40:16

The world, or at least one small but significant corner of it, is currently holding its breath for the anticipated reveal of NVIDIA's consumer-class 10-series graphics cards on Friday. Until that auspicious moment however - slated for 6pm UK Time - we will need to make do with a benchmark leak for the new GPU to slake our thirst for all things Pascal. Arriving via are results from two 3DMark benchmark runs of the flagship GTX 1080 model, set to replace the GTX 980 at the top of NVIDIA's consumer GPU range.

Before we get to the numbers however we should mention that two of GTX 1080's the rumoured tech. specs appear to have been all-but confirmed. Reference models of the cards are set up ship with 8GB VRAM by default, and that VRAM will be the new fast GDDR5X standard. In addition to doubling the frame buffer compared to the standard GTX 980, GDDR5X memory could effectively double the memory bandwidth available to the GPU. Such an technological advancement would be a huge boost to high resolution performance, esp. VR.

Whilst memory clocks of up to 2.5GHz (10GHz effective) are indicated, GPU clock speeds (base and boost) are still unknown. The most recent drivers do apparently operate well with the upcoming GPU, but 3DMark fails to recognise its identity.

First up are the results for the 3DMark11 Performance test. Paired with an Intel Core i7-5820K the putative GTX 1080 achieved a Graphics score of 27683, ~3-5K marks higher than a typical stock clocked GTX 980Ti. That's a heck of an achievement which goes some way towards showing off the raw grunt of card at low resolutions (<1080p), but to assess high resolutions performance they needed to put it through its paces in FireStrike Extreme (a benchmark rendered at 1440p).

FireStrike Extreme results were, well, pretty extreme. The GTX 1080 hit a graphics score of 10,102, and to put that into context our own tests of the GIGABYTE XTREME GAMING GTX 980Ti hit a distinctly more modest 8955. That's highly, highly impressive for 1440p, underscoring its position as a flagship for the gaming sector.

VideoCardz have their own analysis which is well worth reading, and whets the appetite for more in the very near future.


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