First Legit Image Of AMD's "Fiji" GFX Tweeted By DICE Director

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅25.05.2015 19:20:39

A week or so ago various tech sites got their hands on images of AMD's upcoming next generation graphics card, images which were all computer-generated renders. Late last week however the first legit shot was posted, and by a fairly unlikely source.

Johan Andersson, or @repi as he's known on twitter, is a Technical Director at DICE working primarily on the FROSTBITE engine for Electronic Arts. In that role he's worked closely with AMD, most notably as a consultant on the development of the Mantle low-level rendering API, so it perhaps isn't surprising to see that he still has a strong relationship with the red team. That said, normally you'd expect either the official AMD Radeon account or a prominent news outlet to provide the first official shots of a brand new GPU, not a software partner.

The image posted is of a 'new island'; the reference to AMD's 'islands' codenames is clear. In keeping with the shot of the new Fiji card being a teaser there's not a lot which can be gleaned from it, unfortunately. On the surface it looks quite similar to the leaked renders, but also gives us some idea of thickness which the leaked renders didn't. The lack of a visible cooling fan also gives credence to the rumour that the card sports a closed loop liquid cooling system. A aluminium and chrome finish is pretty attractive as reference designs go.

You can find our primer on Fiji's HBM technology here. More information on the "Fiji" GPUs will no doubt be revealed in the coming weeks, most especially at the E3 event presented by AMD and PC Gamer; availability should follow soon after.

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