First Pics Of X79 GIGABYTE G1.Assassin 2 Seen

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅19.10.2011 09:40:58

GIGABYTE Tech Daily, a blog run by GIGABYTE engineers, have released a few teaser shots of the latest revision of the G1.Assassin. Imaginatively titled the G1.Assassin 2, the X79 board should represent a medium-to-high end entrant in their range. Given the more 'grown-up' nature of the X79 platform - Z68 should remain the gamers choice for a while yet - it's interesting to see the manufacturer continue to push the garish luminous yellow and black colours and firearm styling.

As with all GIGABYTE G1-Killer motherboards, the emphasis is on serious gaming performance, with onboard audio and networking processors that ensure you’re getting the ultimate 3D gaming experience. Bigfoot Networks’ Killer E2100 platform is again present and correct on the G1.Assassin 2 to make sure your pings are as low as possible and provide advanced network and application management. And as you’d expect, there’s the onboard Creative Soundblaster X-Fi digital audio processor, providing HD audio fidelity akin to that of a high-end discrete add-in sound card.

Hope they remembered to put the 'this is not a firearm' sticker on those heatsinks too. We'll no-doubt hear more about the Assassin 2 as we get closer to the NDA lift date, further images can be seen on the Gigabyte facebook page.

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