For Honor Age of Wolves Reveal and Launch of Dedicated Servers on PC

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For Honor reveals Season Five dubbed “Age of Wolves” as the game celebrates its first anniversary. This season will focus on gameplay and stability with major hero improvements, adjustments to player progression and ranked play, and the long-awaited arrival of dedicated servers. It will also include a special three-week seasonal event where players get an opportunity to win extra rewards along with new training modes.

For Honor: Age of Wolves Trailer

Watch the For Honor Age of Wolves reveal, a full video of the recorded live stream via Youtube.

Age of Wolves Highlight

Age of Wolves update highlights hero balancing as one of the major updates. There will be major balancing updates made on the Berserker, Nobushi and Higlander heroes. It will also feature an updated fight system for players which aims to shift PvP behaviour from defensive to a more offensive mindset. Season 5 gives players more options when it comes to player progression with the introduction of refined gear and XP boost. A new layer of crafting will also be introduced, Refined Legendary weapons and armour.

Age of Wolves will be released on the 15th of February 2018.

Dedicated Servers on PC

Shortly after the release of Season Five: Age of Wolves, Dedicated Servers on PC will also be launched by February 19, 2018. The introduction of dedicated servers to the For Honor PVP ecosystem will remove session migration and NAT requirements, improving matchmaking and the overall stability of the online experience.

For Honor starts at € 59,99 for the Standard Edition at the Ubi Store.

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