Fractal Design Just Made Browsing Their Products A Whole Lot Easier

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅04.10.2013 16:06:48

Anyone who's tried to look up detailed product specs, pictures and the like knows the sort of a hassle some manufacturer websites can be. They can be poorly designed, difficult to navigate and in many cases totally unsuitable for mobile devices. With that in mind Fractal Design are trying something different: the Fractal Design App.

Intended for iPads and Android handheld devices, the new Fractal Design App streamlines navigation through the companies products by placing products photos and specifications much more prominently and reducing the number of clicks to get to the information you need. You can also find out exactly where you can buy Fractal Design products in your region through their list of recommended resellers.

That's all very well and good, yet Fractal Design have another ace up their sleeve: Augmented Reality. By exploiting the front-mounted cameras on many mobile devices the App can project a virtual image of a product onto a surface. This allows you to gain a much better sense of scale than through a simple set of product images, as well as a little more insight into the aesthetics. A quick video of this functionality is available below:

Development is ongoing, and new features will be added over time including iPhone compatibility; it has however already been translated to Japanese and Chinese as well as English. The software is currently available from the Google Play Market and Apple App store.

The release of the new App coincides with a substantial redesign of the main Fractal Design website, making information clearer and navigation simpler whilst exchanging the previous dark colour-scheme to a light one. To check out the changes visit

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