Fractal Design Launch The Limited Edition Define R4 Blackout

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.04.2014 10:11:30

The ever popular Fractal Design Define R4 is getting a fresh coat of paint this month through a limited edition design exclusive to the North American market. It appears that the Swedish case manufacturers have been receiving plenty of feedback on the current designs and so they've decided to change up the aesthetics yet again; apparently an all white, black and white, and grey variant weren't quite enough to satisfy some people.

Dubbed the Define R4 Blackout, the new model is a subtle variant of the original Define R4 Black Pearl which incorporates an all black interior rather than black with white highlights. By both reusing parts from the Arctic White models - specifically the black drive trays and PCI slot covers - and creating a new line of all black fans Fractal Design have made the Blackout a distinctive member of the range.

Like the Black Pearl, Blackout models include either a solid side panel - for optimum noise dampening - or a tinted window to show off your PC interior.

Define R4-series Showcase

Key Features

* Exclusive to the North American Market

* All of the features of the original Define R4 plus:
- New Subdued All Black Interior
- Available in Solid Panel & Window Panel versions
- Window Panel is Tinted (Voted on by customers)
- White Power LED (Voted on by customers)
- Two Blackout Edition All-black Silent Series R2 Fans

Unfortunately this model won't be coming to European shores any time soon, but they are giving away a single Blackout in a worldwide competition on Facebook.

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