From Lounge Lizard To Lounge Wizard With Corsair's K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard

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To any casual observer Corsair's broad range of peripherals - keyboards, mice, headsets, you name it - would appear to be entirely complete. And in fairness that would be the case if you were primarily a gamer, where mechanical keyboards and quick-response input devices are your first (and last) port of call. However some arrows not in Corsair's quiver have been peripherals oriented towards the 'home theatre'; not in their quiver that is, until now.

Today Corsair are launching the K83 Wireless Entertainment Keyboard, a brand new design that's a major departure from their past desktop focus. In an effort to integrat into a home entertainment setup the K83 uses a low-profile chassis and keys, fast wireless connectivity and gesture-supporting touchpad for a convenient and responsive control system.

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Sleek curves and a brushed aluminium frame set a tone of quality and style at home in living rooms, offices or studies alike. A white backlight (unified across the keyboard rather than per-key) means it's suitable for bright and dimly lit rooms equally, and broad 2.4GHz and Bluetooth connectivity offer flexibility that's far from common.

One other uncommon aspect is the integrated touchpad. Circular rather than square and with four-finger gesture control, the K83's touchpad could make it an ideal accompaniment for Windows 10 home theatre PCs and more complex set-top-boxes with Android OS software. Gesture controls are built into Windows 10, so much of the functionality is already baked in.

That's not the only novel input system built into the K83. The keyboard also includes an analogue multi-directional joystick, which when combined with WASD keys is ideal for browsing menus and media. Plus, additional click buttons and the keyboard itself even make it a viable device to game on as you would a conventional gamepad.

Genuinely rare for a multimedia keyboard is anti-ghosting and 20-key rollover functionality, two features which are typically more in tune with gaming and productivity needs. That perhaps underscores the keyboards multi-role capability: take it into the office and hook it up via USB for work, and then relax with it in the living room without needing to plug anything in. The up-to 40-hour battery should also mean that it's easily capable of extended use without charging.



- Ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz or Bluetooth® 4.2 Wireless
- USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 Type-A

Key Switches:- Custom CORSAIR Gaming Scissor

Touchpad:- Precision with up to Four-Finger Gestures

Backlighting:- Single Zone White LED Backlighting

Wireless Encryption:- 128-bit AES

Battery Type:- Built-in Lithium-Polymer Ion, Rechargeable

Battery Charging:- Charges via USB Micro-B to Computer or Device

Battery Life:- Up to 40 Hours of Continuous Use

Media keys:- Hotkeys, Volume Scroller (Vol Up/Down, Mute)

USB Report Rate:- 1000Hz

Key Matrix:- 20-Key Rollover with Anti-Ghosting

Software:- CORSAIR iCUE, Version 3.13 and Later

- 381(L) x 125(W) x 28(H) mm
- 15(L) x 4.93(W) x 1.11(H) in.

Weight:- 0.48 kg (1.06 lbs.)


- USB Wireless Receiver (Required for 2.4GHz Wireless Connectivity)
- USB Charging / Data Cable (1.82 m / 6 ft, Flat, Tangle-free Rubber)

There's plenty more to explore in the Corsair K83 Keyboard, and we've endeavoured to do just that in our launch day review. Priced as a premium design at an MSRP of $99.99, it's a considered choice with plenty of inherent value.

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