FSP ATX 3.0 Power Supply Range Launched

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅16.03.2023 23:51:21
Press Release

FSP launches the next generation ATX 3.0 Power Supply lineup, supporting the latest PCIe Gen 5 interface. Focused on increasing the efficiency and reliability of their power supplies, FSP has mastered the ATX Version 3.0 (ATX 3.0) Multi-Rail power supply design guide from Intel, built to cater to the higher-power demand of the latest hardware. The newly upgraded FSP power supplies are tailor-made to extract the best performance from the next-generation technology, including the NVIDIA RTX 40 series, to AMD’S RX 7000-series power-hungry graphics cards.

Today, FSP has six power supply units with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 specifications. The FSP HYDRO G PRO power supplies equipped with the new ATX3.0 upgrade will be the first to hit the shelves, followed by HYDRO PTM PRO, HYDRO GT PRO, and the HYDRO PTM X PRO, respectively. They are available in Gold and Platinum rated variants ranging from 850W to 1200 W.

Additionally, the SFX form factor DAGGER PRO series 850W and 1000W power supplies designed with PCIe Gen 5 & V4.0 compliance will be ready to launch in Q4 this year together with FSP's brand new HYDRO Ti PRO ATX 3.0 PSU. The HYDRO Ti PRO is the first ATX 3.0 & PCIe Gen 5 PSU engineered with Titanium efficiency, available in 850W and 1000W.

These new power supplies carry the latest 12VHPWR power connector designed to deliver up to 600 W of raw, unhindered power to the graphics card. With completely isolated terminals for added protection, they come fully remastered to handle the dramatic power spikes many of the newer high-end graphic cards draw on max load. For consumers to easily recognize the newer upgraded models, FSP has used clear labels on the packaging design, separating the old units from new ones.

Pricing and Warranty
FPS HYDRO Ti PRO (Titanium Efficiency / TBA)

Platinum Efficiency / 10-year warranty
- FSP HYDRO PTM X PRO 1200W: €199.99*
- FSP HYDRO PTM X PRO 1000W: €189.99*

FSP HYDRO PTM PRO (Platinum Efficiency / 10-year warranty)
- FSP HYDRO PTM PRO 1200W: €219.99*

FSP HYDRO G PRO (Gold Efficiency / 10-year warranty)
- FSP HYDRO G PRO 1000W: €164.99*
- FSP HYDRO G PRO 850W: €149.99*

FSP HYDRO GT PRO (Gold Efficiency / 10-year warranty)
- FSP HYDRO GT PRO 1000W: €149.99*
- FSP HYDRO GT PRO 850W: €134.99*

FSP DAGGER PRO (SFX / Gold Efficiency / 10-year warranty)
- FSP DAGGER PRO 850W: €129.99*

*MSRP (excl. VAT)