FSP DAGGER PRO SFX PSUs with ATX 3.0 Standard Introduced

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FSP Group introduces the upgraded FSP DAGGER PRO Series SFX PSUs now compliant with the Intel ATX 3.0 standard. Introduced last year, the updated Intel ATX 3.0 specifications unlock the full power and potential of next-generation hardware and upcoming components built for technologies like PCIe Gen 5.0. Several brands like SilverStone Technology have already updated their PSU lineup to be fully compliant with the Intel ATX 3.0 standard. Other PSU manufacturers are expected to proceed with the update this year.

Press Release
FSP Group, one of the world's leading high-performance OEM and ODM power supply manufacturers, today unveils the next generation DAGGER PRO series 750W and 850W SFX power supplies upgraded with ATX 3.0 compliance built to power compact gaming and workstation PCs of 2023.

Featuring exciting and innovative design features, the newly upgraded DAGGER PRO series power supplies carry forward its global reputation for product design and functionality. Built into two variants 750W and 850W, they bring the latest ATX 3.0 label upgraded to support the power-hungry hardware of the future generation.

Designed to support AMD Radeon RX 7000 series and NVIDIA RTX 40 series graphics cards with industry-leading functionality. They come with a full +12V single-rail power design, fine-tuned to ensure maximum power output without overloading or overheating. Moreover, the DAGGER PRO 850W is equipped with the 12VHPWR connector, which is PCIe 5.0 compliant, ready to support powerful ITX builds to its maximum potential.

FSP's innovative PCB board circuit design and high temperature-resistant Japanese electrolytic capacitors are two prime examples of their brilliant component selection and execution designed to deliver next-level functionality in a highly compact package.

Additionally, users can now easily install the power supplies into ATX, Micro-ATX, or Mini-ITX chassis by using the ATX adapter bracket included with both products. Despite its compact SFX form factor, the DAGGER PRO power supply range boasts a highly power-dense design and an all-black cable design that saves space and makes cable management easy.

The newly upgraded DAGGER PRO series 750W and 850W ATX 3.0 power supplies set new industry standards for SFX power supplies. delivering award-winning functionality and design features ideal for gamers, content creators and business use. Compact and stylish, these power supplies are a great addition to any build. The decluttered design ensures a sleek, refined chassis while maintaining the exceptional power delivery usually associated with an ATX power supply.

FSP DAGGER PRO ATX3.0(PCIe5.0) 850W: US$179
FSP DAGGER PRO ATX3.0(PCIe5.0) 750W: US$159

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