FSP Introduces Twins Series Redundant Power Supplies

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FSP introduces Twins Series redundant industrial-grade power supplies for consumers. The FSP Twins Series is ideal for home server users with its hot-swappable power modules for 24/7 operations. The FPS Twins Series redundant power supplies come in 500-watt and 700-watt version, with the 700w version coming soon. The Twin Series has the standard ATX form factor making it fit with most ATX tower cases. The Twin Series offers consumers a reliable power supply solution for home web, mail or email servers without the need to move to more costly form factors. Watch the product preview video below.

Key Features
Redundant Modules for Reliable Daily Operation
The FSP Twins Series houses two independent power supplies with each having its own power adapter. Under normal conditions, both modules will share the energy load to maximize stability and efficiency. In case one of the modules fail, the other will automatically take over the system acting as a reliable fail safe mechanism. Given that the FSP Twins Series are hot-swappable, the broken module can be replaced easily even with the system powered on and running.

Compatible with Standard ATX PC Cases
The FSP Twins Series redundant power supplies uses a standard ATX PSU form factor making it compatible with most ATX PC cases without the need of a special bracket. Both EPS 12V and ATX 12V connectors are provided maximizing motherboard compatibility. The Twins series also feature flat ribbon cables for easier cable management and lesser space consumption.

Server-Grade Reliability with 80 Plus Gold Efficiency
The FSP Twins have an 80 Plus Gold efficiency certification offering up to 90% efficiency for lesser operating costs. Each module has its own dual ball-bearing cooling fan, over current protection, premium capacitors, over voltage protection, short circuit protection and fan failure protection. The FSP Twins series power supplies also carries a 5-year warranty and is rated with an MTBF of 100,000 hours.

Digital Control Software and LED Alarm Guard
The Twins series has a LED alarm guard to notify the user about problems in the system. The power supply can be hooked into the system through a USB header in the power supply for the FSP Guardian software to get access to full digital monitoring controls wherein you can record data up to seven days of recent data.

The FSP Twins Series is now available in 500W/700W versions at a MSRP of $399/499 USD, respectively. Visit the FPS website for see more information on the Twins Series.

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