FSP Teases Hydro PTM+ Liquid-Cooled PSU and World’s Smallest 80+ Platinum PSU

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅24.05.2017 16:37:51

FSP joins Computex 2017 and will be unveiling new products including the new Hydro PTM+ liquid cooler power supply and the 850W FLEX PSU for IoTs which is the world’s smallest 80+ Platinum certified power supply. Check out the two new great innovations from FSP below.

FSP Hydro PTM+ 1200W Liquid-Cooled Power Supply

The FSP Hydro PTM+ liquid cooled power supply is engineered and designed in collaboration with Bitspower, an Asia-brand liquid cooling hardware manufacturer. The Hydro PTM+ features a patented liquid cooling engine design offering probably the best cooling solution for PSUs today. Hence, the Hydro PTM+ also passed the highest security and safety standards held by FSP.

FSP proudly announces the PSU to be the world’s first mass-produced liquid cooled power supply with 80PLUS Platinum efficiency certification. The superior cooling engine of the PSU can push the 1200-watt power supply to increase power rating to 1400-watt with great stability. The PSU also has integrated sensors that monitor the PSU and its performance. It also features a silent mode that activates when the PSU load is below 50% wherein the cooling fan shuts off for silent operation. Lastly, the Hydro PTM+ PSU has RGB lighting that will go perfects with any RGB lit gaming rig.


FSP will also debut the 850W FLEX PSU at the Computex 2017, the world’s smallest 80PLUS Platinum certified power supply. Also in the IoT solution area, you can find the 1600W 80 Plus Platinum certified Intel CRPS PSU, with Current Sharing and Cold Redundancy for amazing efficiency in the data centre. Next to that, are the modular, but full voltage input DIN rail PSUs that can perfectly support a wide variety of IoT devices electrical demands.

FSP Easy Redundant Kit (ERK)

The FPS Easy Redundant Kit, is a versatile backup solution for entry-level systems that require 24/7 up-time from their power solution. Differing from traditional and expensive redundancy options, the ERK is a unique external DC-DC module which allows operators to create redundancy by combining two traditional non-redundant PSUs with the ERK. This brilliant product offers the best flexibility when choosing power design solutions.

For more information, visit the FSP website at http://www.fsplifestyle.com/

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