Func's MS-3 Updated

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅17.02.2014 17:20:52


February 17th, 2014 Func, manufacturer of gaming peripherals, is proud to announce a new version of the already popular Func MS-3 as a response to the feedback from fans and followers. Func takes a step up to meet customer needs and introduces Revision 2 of the Func MS-3.

The Func MS-3 has undergone an evolution with updates to both firmware and product construction. The left and right click buttons now rest upon even better mechanical switches, the cord attachment has been reinforced and the scroll wheel construction has been improved. A firmware upgrade tool is now integrated within the Settings Software, which will make it even easier for us to continually improve the functionality of the Func MS-3 over time.

In addition to performance and reliability updates, the MSRP has been moved to $ 59.95 from $79.95, an improved product at an even better price.

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Product Information

Func MS-3 MSRP: $59,95

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Our Take

Our impression of the original MS-3 was that, whilst not without its flaws, it was a pretty strong debut mouse. It's particularly gratifying to see Func respond to the feedback and implement a series of fixes, including to a couple of specific issues we brought up last year. A lower price is also excellent, and means that this first revision could be an extremely competitive MMO mouse to go with the raft of new MMO titles due in the next few months.