Futuremark and VR First Collaborates to Create VR Industry Standards

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Virtual Reality or VR is becoming popular nowadays and there are many applications for VR more than gaming. VR applications are also popularly used amongst content creators and educators. The boom in VR gaming sure did make VR in general more popular and more demanded with VR-ready setups becoming more accessible. With this, the need to create VR industry standards is evermore present as determined and established by the industry leaders. To address such, Futuremark joins VR First, a global initiative that drives innovation in VR and AR by providing state-of-the-art facilities to creators and educators.

About VR First

VR First collaborates with top universities and science parks to create and improve AR/VR-ready facilities. VR First also helps developers to convert ideas into business opportunities and brings developers together with established industry partners. There are over 50 projects serving various verticals have been developed with the equipment and support provided by VR First partners. Check out the video below and learn more about VR First and what they do.

Futuremark’s Contribution
Futuremark aims to contribute its experience and expertise in performance benchmarking to assist VR First and its partners to establish standards, plot technology roadmap, facilitate the development of cross-platform content, and help the industry grow.

Futuremark, based in Finland, has been creating industry standard benchmarks since 1997 and with last year’s release of the VRMark VR benchmarking tool, Futuremark helps consumers, press, manufacturers and developers test the performance of VR-ready systems.

Learn more about Futuremark’s VRMark benchmark here. Also, learn more about VR First on their website.

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