Futuremark Releases PCMark 10 Professional Edition

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Futuremark proudly releases the PCMark 10 Professional Edition, the Advanced Edition and Basic Edition will be released on the 22nd of June, 2017. The PCMark 10 is Futuremark’s latest version of their industry-leading PC benchmarking software. It features Windows 10-based workloads and it also faster and easier to use.

PCMark benchmark tests any system’s overall performance using a series of real-world applications, activities and synthetic tests. In PCMark 10, the workloads reflect the variety of tasks performed in the modern workplace. This focus makes PCMark 10 Professional Edition an ideal benchmark for organizations that purchase PCs in high-volumes.

PCMark 10 Professional Edition Key Features
- Licensed for business and commercial use.
- Easy to install and run, no complicated configuration required.
- Command line automation and scripting.
- Keep sensitive results private with the offline results option.
- Export results as XML and PDF for analysis and reporting.
- Priority technical support over email and telephone.

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 7, 64-bit or higher
Processor: Dual-core CPU
Memory: 4 GB of system memory
Graphics: DirectX 11
Display: 1920 × 1080
Hard drive: 6 GB free space

Futuremark made the PCMark 10 more user-friendly and easy to use with no complicated configuration required. Simply install and run the software to begin benchmarking. There are options for extended, express and custom run options to explorer specific aspects of performance in the system.

Fast and Efficient
Compared to the PCMark 8, PC Mark 10’s improved workloads takes 50% less of the time.

New Workloads
PCMark 10 benchmark workloads feature improved workloads from PCMark 8 which are faster and more efficient. Find a wider range of modern office applications and activities in the new PCMark 10.

Click and Run
With PCMark 10, users no longer need to select between Conventional and Accelerated benchmarking options unlike in PCMark 8.

Multi-level reporting

Each benchmark run produces a high-level benchmark score, mid-level test group scores, and low-level workload scores. What's more, you can now compare two results side by side in the app.

New Yet Familiar

PCMark 10 shares the same style of user interface as 3DMark and VRMark. With its familiar layout, it's easy to start benchmarking with PCMark 10.

PCMark 10 Professional Edition starts from $1495 per year. Visit the Futuremark PCMark 10 benchmark product page for more information and on how to get a quote from Futuremark. The Advanced Edition will have an MSRP of $29.99, the Basic Edition will be free. Digital downloads will be available at the Futuremark website and Steam.

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