G.Skill Announces A New Ultra High End 3200Mhz 64Gb DDR4 Memory Kit

👤by James Szewczyk Comments 📅21.12.2015 11:50:49
G.Skill have long been at the forefront of pushing enthusiast memory to the limits and this latest 3200Mhz 4x16Gb kit is no exception. While faster kits are available with 4 and 8Gb modules, this is the first to feature this level of performance with 16Gb modules, four of which combine to provide a massive 64Gb of memory.

The G.Skill Trident-Z kit features Intel XMP 2.0 support and is designed to operate on Z170 equipped motherboards paired with 6th Generation Skylake processors. The 14-14-14-35 timings are particularly aggressive and seem to hit a nice sweet spot of high speed without sacrificing latency.

Whilst the kit features XMP 2.0 support providing apparent plug and play ability, actually this combination of density, speed and timings will place a significant load on the IMC of the processor and may require a touch of additional IMC and/or I/O voltage to get to work with 100% stability.

Kits like this are a great taste of what we'll be seeing in the future. Much like 8gb modules are well represented in current enthusiast systems, 16Gb modules will become widespread in the next couple of years, particularly if Intel sticks with a dual channel memory architecture on future platforms. As such, an investment now in a kit of this spec has the potential to survive many upgrades.

G.Skill proudly showed the kit in action using a ASUS Z170 Deluxe motherboard with a i7 6700K processor.

G.Skill say the kits will be available 'before Christmas' though we are yet to see them or the final price.

Source: G.Skill

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