G.SKILL ENKI Series Liquid Coolers Introduced

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Press Release

G.SKILL introduces the new ENKI Series high-performance all-in-one liquid coolers. Named after the Sumerian god of water, the G.SKILL ENKI Series focuses on high cooling performance featuring a custom-tuned convex copper cold plate, high-density radiator, low-evaporation coolant tubing, and specially selected low thermal resistance thermal paste. The G.SKILL ENKI coolers feature ARGB lighting on its water block and include 9-blade hydro-bearing fans. The ENKI Series is available in 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiator sizes.

Custom-Tuned Convex Cold Plate and Stair-Shaped High-Density Micro-Fin Design
The G.SKILL ENKI series AIO liquid cooler utilizes a custom-tuned convex cold plate design to minimize the travel distance of heat from the CPU to the cold plate. The cold plate uses stair-shaped high-density micro-fins for aggressive heat dissipation.

High Flow-Rate Coolant Tubing and High-Density Radiator Piping
The ENKI Series uses 8mm inner diameter high-density radiator tubing for high flow-rate and low coolant evaporation. The tubing comes with nylon-braided sleeves for added durability. For improved heat dissipation, the ENKI radiators come with more pipes compared to standard radiators. Specifically, the 360mm and 240mm variant is designed with 3~4 more pipes, while the 280mm variant has 6 more radiator pipes.

High Static Pressure 9-Blade Fan and Low Thermal Resistance Thermal Paste
The G.SKILL ENKI series comes with high-performance 9-blade hydro-bearing PWM cooling fans, selected for its high static pressure to maintain constant air flow. A tube of server-grade thermal paste that features ultra-low thermal resistance is included.

Customizable Addressable RGB Lighting
Each ENKI series AIO liquid cooler is equipped with 3-pin ARGB motherboard connectors, allowing customizable RGB lighting via motherboard lighting control software.

The G.SKILL ENKI Series comes with a 5-year limited warranty, available via G.SKILL distribution partners in 2021.

Source: G.SKILL

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