G.Skill Memory Knocks Down Six Overclocking World Records

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅14.06.2013 19:46:12

What happens when a group of overclockers get together at an event where new products are suddenly unveiled to the public? Well, they break records of course. This year at Computex G.Skill organised the Official Computex Overclocking World Record Stage, sponsored by Intel. In attendance were G.Skill's own overclocking stars Young Pro, Hiwa Pouri and Christian Ney, whilst every day for a week new overclockers representing some of the most prestigious gaming hardware brands would aim to push their platforms has far as they could.

Representing MSI and Sweden - Elmor. ASUS had the partnership of Fredyama and Shamino, hailing from Japan and Singapore respectively. The United States rocked up with K|NP|N backed by EVGA. Finally, GIGABYTE had the Australian Dinos22 and of course the ever-reliable Taiwanese expert HiCookie.

Overall, six new records were made in benchmarks ranging from 3DMark score through to absolute DDR3 frequency. Unsurprisingly ridiculously elaborate cooling was the order of the day, including the ever appealing LN2.

Hiwa, Christian Ney and Young Pro combined the G.Skill TridentX Memory with an ASUS Maximus VI IMPACT and Intel Haswell Core i7 4770K for a World Record memory frequency of DDR3 4283.2MHz.

These weren't the only awards the ASUS team were to go home with. Fredyama, Shamino & Young Pro were to push an ASUS Maximus VI Extreme-based system to a PI-Fast score of 9.78 seconds and Super Pi 32M mark of 4mins 36.672sec.

Next up was K|NGP|N, who was sporting a Core i7 3970K rig built on an EVGA X79 DARK. When tracking down 3DMark Fire Strike and Fire Strike Extreme figures he paired it with four EVGA GTX Titan's for a terrifying amount of graphics power (and, one imagines, something of an insurance nightmare). This combined horsepower allow him to surpass previous scores and reach 20089 in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and 31125 in 3DMark Fire Strike.

Finally, GIGABYTE's HiCookie and Dinos22 were eager to get in on the act, and were able to do so thanks to their custom setup of Core i7 4770k, G.Skill Trident RAM, GIGABYTE Z87X OC motherboard and two GIGABYTE GTX Titan's. 3D Mark 05 was squarely in their sights, and they exceed the previous tally to reach a score of 70106.

All in all, it's an excellent endorsement for G.Skill memory, both in terms of the extreme limits of speed in the absolute DDR3 test and overclocked stability in the more prolonged benchmarks. Obviously it also provides a well-earned showcase for the extreme overclockers on display and no mean entertainment for the audience. Raising the profile of overclocking will hopefully stand us all in good stead as it encourages the next generation of overclockers to take up the analytical tools required for both competition and getting the most out of their personal systems.

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