GAMDIAS Introduces AEOLUS P2 Fans with Daisy Chain Mechanism and ARGB Infinity Mirrors

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.02.2024 17:25:32
Press Release

Introducing the GAMDIAS AEOLUS P2 Series high-performance fans the next-level cooling solution designed to provide excellent performance while showcasing aesthetically pleasing views from any angle. AEOLUS P2 Series is an advanced cooling solution with innovative features. It consists of three editions which are AEOLUS P2-1203U, AEOLUS P2-1203, and AEOLUS P2-1201. Every fan comes with a cableless daisy chain design for easy cable management. With the design of 30mm frame thickness, PWM and hydraulic bearing functions, the fan ensures extreme cooling performance.

Cableless Daisy Chain Design
Every AEOLUS P2 can link up without multiple cables due to a solid interlocking structural design, creating a convenient assembly experience. Daisy-chain multiple fans and connect them to the USB AEOLUS Box II to fully customize your experience through GAMDIAS ZEUS CAST software, adjusting lighting effects, fan speed and more.

Swappable Fan Blades Included
Both AEOLUS P2-1203U and AEOLUS P2-1203 include three 30mm thick ARGB fans and three swappable fan blades. AEOLUS P2-1201 includes one 30mm thick ARGB fan and a swappable fan blade. The attached fan blade(s) offer(s) a flexible option to switch the airflow from intake to exhaust without changing the orientation of the fan case. Every fan comes with PWM and hydraulic bearing functions for generating maximum airflow at minimal noise while maintaining a long lifespan.

Gorgeous ARGB Illumination
The fan is designed with two aluminium logo plating at the centre, embellished by two sleek ARGB strips, and equipped with ARGB infinity mirrors on both sides of the fan case for an aesthetically pleasing view from all angles.

Learn more about the AEOLUS P2 cooling fans below.


Among AEOLUS P2 Series, only the AEOLUS P2-1203U includes a USB AEOLUS Box II in the product pack. However, all AEOLUS P2 Series fans are compatible with USB AEOLUS Box II and ZEUS CAST software. Importantly, the lighting effects and fan speed of every AEOLUS P2 fan can be adjusted via ZEUS CAST software when the fan is connect to the USB AEOLUS Box II.

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