GAMDIAS Launches BOREAS P1-720 CPU Cooler

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.04.2023 17:17:42
Press Release

GAMDIAS announces the launch of the BOREAS P1-720 dual tower CPU air cooler. Engineered to provide exceptional cooling power, this cooler features a dual asymmetrical heat sink, 7 copper heat pipes, and 2 high-performance PWM fans that work together to maintain low temperatures even during heavy gaming sessions or overclocking.

The GAMDIAS BOREAS P1-720 boasts an impressive TDP rating of 270W, and the dual tower configuration includes two dense aluminum fins that provide a large heat dissipation surface area. The cooler also features an optimized convex copper base design that provides seamless contact with the CPU surface, improving heat transfer capabilities and further increasing the efficiency of thermal conductivity. In addition to its outstanding cooling performance, the BOREAS P1-720 also features a premium all-black design that will complement any system setup. The cooler is fully coated with an all-black finish and has a brushed aluminum finish that gives it a sleek and stylish look.

Equipped with two powerful PWM fans, one 135mm fan in the middle and a 120mm fan in the front, the GAMDIAS BOREAS P1-720 provides high static pressure and air pressure up to 84.2 CFM through the heatsink. With optimal hydraulic bearing and PWM function, the fans provide up to 2000 RPM for superior airflow while keeping noise levels low.

The asymmetrical heat pipe design of the GAMDIAS BOREAS P1-720 provides better VRM compatibility and allows for easy installation of taller memory modules up to 60mm. In addition, the cooler includes a universal socket in the box to ensure quick and easy installation and support the latest Intel and AMD platforms including the LGA 1700 and AMD 5 sockets.

Features and Specifications
Premium All-Black Coating
Aluminum Brushed Top Cover
Optimized Convex Copper Base
7 High-performance Copper Heat Pipes
Asymmetrical Heat Pipes
Dense 140 * 50mm Dual Aluminum Heatsink
2 Hydraulic Bearing PWM Fans
135mm Middle Fan & 120mm Front Fan
157.5mm Clearance & Height Compatibility
Support LGA 1700 / AM5

GAMDIAS did not reveal pricing as of this writing. Learn more about the GAMDIAS BOREAS P1-720.

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