GeForce NOW Open for All

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.02.2020 20:08:40
Press Release

NVIDIA makes GeForce NOW accessible for more gamers, removing waitlist and offering membership to everyone. GeForce NOW allows gamers to use the cloud to join in, play PC games anywhere and on any device. This allows devices that aren’t game ready to be able to run triple-A games like having a state-of-the-art gaming PC by adding a virtual GeForce graphics card to your PC, Mac, NVIDIA SHIELD, or Android phone. GeForce NOW is an open platform powered by NVIDIA’s GPU architecture offering the best performance for gaming. GeForce NOW gives you the precision of keyboard and mouse gaming as well as optimizations for the game controllers on your device. GeForce NOW also instantly connects you to the games you own on digital stores or to the latest free-to-play games so you can game on anytime and anywhere.

Game On

GeForce NOW beta members have a large library of more than 50 games. As NVIDIA works with existing PC game stores and publishers, members can get easy access to more games and build their libraries from the same stores. Today, GeForce NOW is the only cloud gaming service that offers a wide range of free-to-play games or more than 30 game titles. In total, there are over hundreds of games from more than 50 publishers. All the games you own will be available for instant play wherein all your games are automatically updated in the cloud-ready to be launched. Games will also be added based on member requests, expanding the library with the newest and most popular games as often as possible.

Play On

GeForce NOW brings the power and capabilities of a GeForce-powered gaming PC to your device be it an old laptop, a Mac or an Android device. No need to worry about compatibility issues or minimum requirements to run the game, GeForce NOW will enable you to play the latest games even to your TV. NVIDIA is working on adding Chromebooks to the list of supported devices by GeForce NOW this year.

ON For Everyone

NVIDIA removes the waitlist opening GeForce NOW to more gamers. Members will have the option of a free or premium experience. The free membership provides one-hour sessions with standard access to GeForce NOW servers. All GeForce NOW beta members automatically have had their beta accounts converted to this free plan. Premium members will get priority access to GeForce NOW servers and will have extended session lengths of up to six hours. Premium members will also get exclusive access to RTX content which are games with ray-tracing enabled.

For a limited time, we’re offering the premium experience as a Founders membership. The first three months are free, followed by a discounted rate of $4.99 a month for all of 2020. Join GeForce NOW here.

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