GeIL Announces Partnership with Team Infused

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅13.07.2011 22:21:21


Being a strong believer and member of e-sports, GeIL is determined to further contribute in the vast gaming community and the professional gaming scene through this newly established partnership with Team Infused. In the next few months, GeIL and Team Infused will be organizing activities and hosting of tournaments with tons of giveaways and prizes to be won, including top of the line GeIL hardcore gaming memory kits.

GeIL has always been committed to strive for the best of products and service for consumers and gamers alike. And we are honored to be able to work with Team Infused, who too takes pride in what they do and strive for excellence. GeIL believe the feeling is mutual as Infused Management nicely put it " Everyone at Infused is very proud to be representing a great brand like GeIL and together we will continue growing as an organization and supporting the e-sports scene where possible."

Team Infused was formed back in 2005 and has always been a brand with a strong name within the UK e-sports community, in recent times Infused has gone from strength to strength and is now beginning to be seen as a strong up and coming European organization.

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