GELID Presents Radiant and Radiant-D RGB Fans

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GELID presents its latest RGB cooling fans – the Radiant and Radiant-D RGB Fans. The GELID Radiant RGB Fans are specially designed with gamers and modders in mind. The Radiant RGB Fan pack 9 RGB LEDs for a stunning RGB lighting. The Radiant-D RGB Fan, on the other hand, feature 9 addressable RGB LEDs that for vivid RGB lighting you can personalise. Both fans support motherboard-based RGB lighting control software such as the MSI Mystic Light, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion, ASRock Polychrome RGB and others.

GELID Radiant RGB Fan

The Radiant RGB Fan is an extreme performance RGB fan that’s PWM controlled with a speed range of 500 to 2000 RPM. It features high-precision Shark-Tooth Blade design that delivers high static pressure. It uses ultra-durable double ball bearings for a longer lifespan. The 9 RGB LEDs can be customised using the optional GELID RGB LED Multi-fan controller or via the motherboard. It packs a newly designed and enhanced Noiseless Motor Drive IC that eliminates the clicking noise during operation.

GELID Radiant-D RGB Fan

The Radiant-D RGB Fan is also an extreme performance RGB fan, PWM controlled with speed range of 500 to 2000 RPM. It features 9 individually addressable RGB LEDs offering stunning RGB lighting you can customise. The Radiant-D Fans are perfect for enthusiast gaming PCs that display full vibrant colours. The Radiant-D RGB also feature the high-precision Shark-Tooth Blade design, Ultra-Durable Double Ball Bearing, and Noiseless Motor Drive IC. The RGB lighting can be customised and synchronised via the RGB cable can support connection to Addressable RBG (5V) header to the motherboard using motherboard-based RGB lighting control software.

The GELID Radiant RGB fan has an MSRP of EUR 12.50 while the GELID Radiant-D RGB fan gets an MSRP of EUR 16. For more information, visit the GELID Radiant and GELID Radiant-D RGB fan’s product pages.

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