Geometric Future Presents Model 2 ARK Featuring Eight Installation Modes

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GEOMETRIC FUTURE unveils their latest collection, the Model 2 ARK microATX chassis featuring eight installation modes. The ARK can be used in horizontal and vertical orientations. Depending on the cooling solution of choice, users can choose between using the space for cooling or for other components such as storage drives or better clearance for a larger graphics card - a common feature in most compact micro ATX cases like the SilverStone ALTA G1M. The ARK chassis features mesh panels on all sides allowing airflow to pass through the interior and cool components with ease. The ARK chassis is available in three colours - white, black, and "luxury" which is in a shade of grey.

Key Features
Airflow Edition with Mesh Panels on Four Sides
Luxury Edition with Curve Glass Panels
8 Different Installation Modes
GPU Clearance 350mm, Supports up 172mm CPU Towers
Supports Dual 360mm Radiators
Supports up to 7 x 120mm Fans
Drive Bays for up to 2 x 2.5” SSDs or 1 x 3.5 HDD and 1 x 2.5” SSD

Eight Different Installation Modes
Featuring up to 8 different installation options, the Model 2 ARK offers unmatched flexibility, empowering users to build a system that adapts to a range of hardware. The ARK is equipped with a patented motherboard tray that allows for multiple GPU thicknesses in combination with Mini-ITX or M-ATX motherboards. Users are able to adjust the mounting distance from the top mesh panel to the motherboard rear I/O. Moreover, users can opt for both vertical or horizontal orientation for their SFX/ATX PSU. The ARK lays the motherboard with the rear I/O facing the top of the case, which allows for a vertical GPU, directly facing fresh air intake from the side panel.

Ultimate Hardware Compatibility
The Model 2 ARK’s innovative design offers users maximum hardware capacity, featuring a 350mm GPU clearance that allows users to integrate some of the most powerful graphics cards. The Model 2 also supports motherboards from ITX to M-ATX installations. Furthermore, the ARK has been meticulously crafted and engineered to support CPU coolers of up to 172mm, along with radiators of up to 360mm ensuring optimal performance and thermal efficiency.

Enhanced Airflow (Mesh Edition)
In order to provide consistent cooling and enhanced airflow, the Model 2 ARK features 360-degree all-around mesh panels for improved heat dissipation. The ARK offers the capacity to comfortably support up to seven cooling fans to ensure optimal cooling at peak performance with up to 6 x 120mm fans on two adjacent brackets and a top-mounted 120mm. Furthermore, the ARK can simultaneously support dual 360 radiators providing enhanced cooling performance.

Extra Features
The Model 2 ARK features an external I/O hub guaranteeing users effortless device connectivity. Moreover, in line with Geometric Future’s commitment to delivering premium and innovative design, the Model 2 ARK includes a stylish double-sided table mat, seamlessly enhancing any desktop ambience.

Pricing and Availability
The GEOMETRIC FUTURE MODEL 2 ARK micro-ATX chassis is now available on Newegg with the black and white models sold for $
$169.90 MSRP, the Luxury model for $269.00 MSRP. Check out GEOMETRIC FUTURE on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

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