Get A Taste Of Star Wars Battlefront This Star Wars Day.

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅02.05.2016 16:28:39

The annual day where everyone even tangentially related to Star Wars wants to drum up interest - yes May 4th (May The Fourth.. get it?) - is almost among us. Most of us will be eagerly anticipating new information on Episode VIII or Rogue One, but for their part EA's DICE and Bioware teams are also joining in the fun with various in-game promotions.

From 11am on May 4th Star Wars Battlefront will be added to the Origin Free Trials program, joining Titanfall, Battlefield 4 and PvZ Garden Warfare 2. Sadly the terms are a little more restrictive than other trials: you're limited to a four-hour taster session (which doesn't include the time taken to download the game), so make the most of it.

Those who own and log-in to Star Wars Battlefront on May 4th will instead receive 4444 in-game credits to spend on blasters, Star Cards, or the latest Hutt Contract. Additionally, DICE will also be debuting a new Hutt Contract, requiring the completion of in-game objectives to unlock a new item.


Moving to a different genre, Bioware's Free to Play MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic are seeking new recruits and the return of lapsed veterans. From today and until the end of the month the Knights of the Fallen Republic expansion will be available as a Free Trail, allowing you to experience some of the additional storylines available beyond level 60.

Returning players, or those looking to level up an alt and experience the story content from a different perspective, will also be able to take advantage of a week of Double XP. That's Double XP, Double Commendations in PvP, Double Requisitions in Starfighter and Double Legacy XP from May 3rd to 10th. Plus, anyone who logs in before May 4th will also be granted a special Astromech mini-Pet.


Finally, EA are ensuring that predominantly mobile gamers aren't left out this week. Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes, an iOS/Android game from Capital Games where players battle squads of five characters for in-game rewards and collectables, will have double the drop rates for in-game currency as well as increasing the amount of currency you buy with real money by 25%. Fans of the game should be sure to log in through May 5th.

So, whether you have a hankering for FPS action, immersive MMORPG gameplay, or just a casual mobile title, there might be something to tempt you. Meanwhile, we're just hoping to see Mark Hamill with a Lightsaber on Wednesday.