Get Up To 270 Towards A New GPU With The ASUS Trade Up Your Graphics Promotion

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While NVIDIA's GeForce RTX-series GPUs currently rule the roost in terms of features and performance, many gamers who would normally be in the midst of an upgrade cycle have instead held off on that all-important purchase. The reasons for this are no doubt plentiful and varied (a certain platform refresh will no doubt be a factor for some), but whatever the reason GeForce GTX 900-series and 10-series (or even older) GPUs will be their gaming weapon of necessity, rather than choice. If that's the case then now might be the right time to swap out that ageing hardware for a tasty upgrade at a more attractive price, courtesy of ASUS.

The ASUS 'Trade Up Your Graphics' program allows you to trade up your older NVIDIA GeForce GTX hardware for some fairly hefty rebates on ASUS GeForce RTX 20-series or GTX 16-series graphics cards. A big difference from similar trade-in programs however is that they'll accept any brand of old NVIDIA GPU, not just ASUS and ROG cards.

This Trade Up program has a sliding scale of rebates based on the class of GPU being purchased and traded in. For example, if you have your eye on an ASUS Dual GeForce GTX 1650 OC and wish to trade in a GeForce GTX 760-class GPU, you'll be eligible for 35 of trade-in value. But that's just the low end; at the high end a GTX 1070 would be worth as much as 270 towards a flagship ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

The promotion covers some exceptionally popular GPUs from yesteryear such as the GTX 970 and GTX 1060 6GB, both of which are excellent cards that are just starting to show their age in new triple-A titles running at higher resolutions. Swapping these mid-tier enthusiast cards for an ASUS RTX 2070-class card, their counterpart in the RTX 20-series, qualifies for a hefty 105 back from the purchase. Realistically, you might not get that value back on the second-hand market for those cards today.

Hardware as old as the GTX 660 and as modern as the GTX 1080 Ti are eligible as trade-in hardware, the only caveat is that the card must be functional and may be rejected if it's been heavily used for mining. The full trade-in reward criteria is available here.

As this is a rebate process you'll need to purchase the qualifying ASUS GPU first (before August 31st 2019, from participating retailers), then submit a claim with proof of purchase and other critical information. Once approved the old hardware will need to be sent to ASUS for validation, after which the claim can be paid.

How It Works


Purchase a qualifying graphics card between 1st July and 31st August 2019.

You can view the qualifying products, rewards and purchase periods on the Qualifying Products page.


Visit the Claim Now page on this website

You will need to provide the below details:

- Date of purchase
- Place of purchase
- Invoice/Receipt Number
- The serial number
- Details about your trade in unit
- Upload proof of purchase
- Personal details
- Bank details

Read our Terms and Conditions to get more detail about the promotion.

Trade in

On approval to trade in:

- Package and return your Trade in unit as per the instructions received in the approval email
- Trade in device must be received within 45 days from the date of purchase.
- When your trade-in device have been received and tested you will be notified via email.
- Please Contact Us for further details on how to return your unit.


Your claim will be paid within 30 days of validation to your nominated bank account.

The are participating UK retailers:

Novatech Direct Limited, ADMI Limited, Scan Computer Limited, ARIA Technology Limited, Box Limited, DSG Retail, Esnet Limited (Overclockers UK), Falcon Computers Limited, CCL Computers Limited or Ebuyer UK Limited, Shop-Direct Group (Littlewoods/Very)

For full terms and conditions visit

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