GIGABYTE AERO Notebooks - With Intel's 10th Gen Core CPUs - Arrive In The UK

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅24.04.2020 15:47:56

After a brief delay GIGABYTE are making the latest AERO Series notebooks powered by Intel's 10th Gen. Core processors available to media professionals and content creators in the UK. This portfolio of products, which were a recipient of the 2020 Red Dot Design Award, is bolstered by the selection of GeForce RTX 20 SUPER-series graphics and a partnership with NVIDIA to include a free 3-month subscription Adobe Creative Cloud on RTX Studio SKUs. They're now listed for pre-order or purchase at and

GIGABYTE AERO Series notebooks are crafted as a solution for professionals who require more than a standard gaming laptop can provide. They offer features that rival many bespoke designs on the market, are optimised for a wide selection of industry-standard applications including Adobe Creative Cloud, Maya and Unreal Engine, and come equipped with a choice in fast and colour-accurate displays. The high performance specifications also make them comfortable with gaming, a sideline activity that professionals might appreciate just now.

GIGABYTE AERO Series notebooks can also be aligned with NVIDIA RTX Studio drivers, a package which undergoes more rigorous testing procedures and is optimised for performance in creative applications. As well as video editing, 3D animation, graphic design and photography, RTX Studio drivers help to leverage other benefits of the RTX hardware inside such as ray tracing and AI.

Displays Technologies

GIGABYTE AERO 15 laptops are optionally fitted with a 4K UHD Samsung AMOLED display, supporting 100% DCI-P3 – a standard gamut for digital content – and conforming to the VESA Display HDR 400 True Black standard. Each display is Xrite Pantone certified and individually calibrated with professional colour calibrating equipment at the factory, rather than relying on a calibration process based on select sample testing.

Those who opt for the AERO 17 chassis can take advantage of 4K UHD HDR or 1080p 144Hz panel, depending on the system's projected use case.

CPU and GPU Specifications

AERO 15, AERO 15 OLED, AERO 17 HDR and AERO 17 SKUs are equipped with a wide selection of performance components. The Intel 10th Generation Core H-series CPUs from the 17-10750H up to the Core i9-10980HK are the backbone of the design with support for up to eight physical cores and sixteen threads boosting as high as 5.3GHz. Transitioning to the new flagship 10th Generation Core series means that the latest AERO laptops offer up to 30% faster 3D rendering on Cinema 4D compared to previous generation AERO models.

NVIDIA's brand new RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 SUPER-series GPUs for notebooks brings a major boost to mobile graphics performance. Plus, previously unveiled models also include lower performance and MAX-Q class graphics solutions for other workloads.

The components are cooled by WINDFORCE Infinity cooling technology, featuring two 71-blade fans and five cooling pipes so the notebook can keep its cool under prolonged load.

Made in Taiwan

Given the current political climate it's unsurprising to see GIGABYTE promote the laptop's status as 'proudly designed and manufactured in Taiwan'. They claim that "GIGABYTE’s proud investment in Taiwanese manufacturing means it is less vulnerable to fluctuating world market conditions, allowing it to be more agile and maintain strict, industry-leading quality controls."

A very wide selection of AERO 15 and 17 notebook designs can be purchased today from and, starting at £1498.99 inc. V.A.T. End-users without such stringent technical requirements could instead look to the gaming-oriented AORUS notebook range.

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