GIGABYTE AORUS & AERO Laptop Ranges Augmented By Intel 11th Gen. CPUs

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(London, UK, May 11, 2021) – GIGABYTE today announced their brand-new laptops powered by Intel's latest 11th-gen Tiger Lake-H series high-performance processors, including the gaming-oriented AORUS series and the creator-focused AERO series. Aside from the latest processors inside, the AORUS and AERO series laptops each have a handful of selling points to elevate the overall user experience further as well. These new laptops are expected to trigger a big wave of upgrades as mobile gamers and creative professionals seek to boost their laptops to the latest CPU generation.

Performance is the key to both immersive gameplay and smooth workflow, and GIGABYTE has taken performance above all else with this generation’s AORUS gaming laptops and the AERO creator laptops. In addition to the new CPU, the biggest highlight of the AORUS series laptops is the full-power implementation of their discrete GPUs. Different from other similar models that only adopt 80W of graphics power, the entire AORUS series lineup delivers up to 130 watts of GPU power, which in turn is able boost gaming performance by 13% when compared to a down-tuned 80W variant. This gap makes all the difference in gaming experience on the go.

Designed for content creators, the AERO series laptops not only exhibits a serious performance jump with the latest Intel processor, but also comes with the best-in-class 4K OLED panel which is factory calibrated and certified with the world-renowned X-Rite™ Pantone®. This exclusive technology enables perfect colour accuracy and a wider colour spectrum for creative professionals who need a powerful-yet-dependable laptop they can rely on. The AERO series laptops also feature Thunderbolt 4, which allows users to connect devices such as external hard drives or 5K screens for ultra-fast transfer speed for enhanced productivity.

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