GIGABYTE Equip Mid-Range AORUS 5 & 7 Laptops With Windforce Cooling Tech.

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May 27th 2020 - Hailing from the world leading PC brand GIGABYTE Technologies, the top-tier gaming brand AORUS continues to attract gaming fans around the world. Raising the bar and breaking through performance barriers, AORUS is the leader in the gaming industry. Insisting on craftsmanship paired with unleashing raw power, AORUS offers a new standard of "on the go performance for pros" with durable and light weight easy to carry laptops. Creating premium and distinctive chassis and unparalleled performance features as its core, the AORUS brand dominates the gaming industry again this year with the introduction of the all-new 10th Generation Intel Core i7 processor and the all-new mid-range AORUS 5 vB and AORUS 7 vB bringing high-performance to the masses.

Both new members of the AORUS family remain very portable, with an improved thermal cooling system, 144Hz high-speed refresh and wide gamut display that impressively sweeps competitors off the stage. "We focus on producing exceptional visual experiences, at the same time, providing performance- seeking gamers, visceral feel, visually immersive and highly responsive gaming experience. Not to mention the value and affordability that these flagship laptops offer for users who use their laptops throughout the work day and game at night.", says Steven Chen, Gigabyte Mobility Business Center Vice President.

WINDFORCE Cooling System | Cool When It Counts

It's a well-known fact that processor (CPU) and graphics (GPU) chips are the heat monsters in gaming laptops, with that in mind, we see more and more high-performance gaming laptops that are made to be "light and thin" at the cost of having a proper cooling system. The tradeoff causes sudden overheating issues such as lag, decreased usage times and a shorter component lifespan. The AORUS 5 vB and AORUS 7 vB fully upgraded its cooling system with WINDFORCE cooling technology, pushing over 150 W of effective heat dissipation performance thanks to an optimized 4 heatpipes and heatsinks system, taking care of both the CPU and GPU. This is the real 100% cooling performance for gamers that want to win without breaking a sweat.

You Are in the Game | GeForce RTX x 144Hz Ultra-Fast Display

The AORUS 5 vB and AORUS 7 vB come equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20 series graphics chips, supporting Real Time Ray Tracing and DLSS technologies that increase overall performance while maintaining lower wattage and operating temperature. Gamers will find rare features such as IPS FHD display panel and ultra-fast 144 Hz refresh rate that produces crisp, anti-ghosting images, ideal for FPS gamers seeking to take the lead before the game has even started.

Latest 6 Cores 10th Generation Mobile Processor | Intel Core i7-10750H

One of the main upgrade highlights is the inclusion of the latest 10th gen Intel Core i7-10750H processor, with 6 cores and up to 5.00 GHz Boost clock, gamers will feel the power of "tenfold" when playing AAA games. Beyond the processor, GIGABYTE holds true to it's reputation for quality assurance and never cuts back on other parts, working together with world renowned hardware innovators that includes DDR4-2933 memory, 2 M.2 SSD + 1 HDD storage system and blazing fast Wi-Fi 6 internet. Gamers are in for a smooth, durable and stable gaming/work experience, always ready for any type of battlefield, be it in the boardroom or the big raid.

Detailed technical specifications of major AORUS 7 variants can be found here.

AORUS 5 Specifications:

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