GIGABYTE G1 Gamer Packs Now Available With Up To £75 'Next-Gen Bonus'

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅09.11.2015 10:05:06

With the new GIGABYTE G1.Gamer Packs, GIGABYTE highlights once more that we are not just focused on the excellent quality of our products, but also top grade customer service.

"The biggest wish for most gamers is to be the best and to have top grade PC Gaming hardware they can trust”. GIGABYTE takes care of these wishes with our new G1 Gamer Packs. Not only do we offer our customers a direct RMA service in case of possible hardware issue, we also offer G1 warranty extensions and the customer will also “receive a next-gen technology-bonus of up to £75 free!", Timmy Huang, Western Europe Managing Director at GIGABYTE, explained the new service offensive.

All customers who register their recently purchased GIGABYTE G1.Gaming series motherboards* will also now get the new G1 GAMER packs for free until the end of the year.

The G1 Gamer pack, available in 5 variants, will extend the warranty of the hardware up to 5 years. It offers the customer a free direct RMA service with the manufacturer in case of warranty claims and also an express RMA service and even the option of an advanced replacement.

"Of course, we do not want any of our customers to ever need these RMA services, but the extra security we offer plus the next-gen Bonus of up to £75 will give our G1 gamers security and a path to upgrade in future. We hope this will get “G1 Gamers hearts beating a little faster”, Timmy Huang continued.

This bonus will be paid to all registered owners of a G1 Gamer pack when they buy one of the successor generations of the G1 Z170 and B150 chipset series motherboards.

In addition to the Diamond service pack for the GA-Z170X Gaming G1 series with a warranty extension of up to 5 years, direct RMA service by the manufacturer and additional features such as advanced replacement and a next-gen bonus worth up to £75, there are other packages available too, such as a Platinum service pack with a warranty extension of up to 5 years, direct RMA service and a £50 next-gen bonus, Gold service pack with 4 year warranty and £35 next-gen bonus.
Last but not least, GIGABYTE also offers Bronze and Silver service with 3 years warranty for £25 and £15 next-gen bonus, respectively.

This should make the G1 GAMING experience that we offer our customers an even more secure and exciting… So come and be a PRO Gamer with GIGABYTE G1 Gamer packs!

All details about for the G1.GAMER PACKS can be found at the following website:

* Selected G1.Gaming series motherboards include the following models: GA-Z170X-GAMING G1, GA-Z170X-GAMING 7-EU, GA-Z170X-GAMING 5-EU, GA-Z170X-GAMING 3-EU, GA-Z170MX-GAMING 5, G1.Sniper B7

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