GIGABYTE Outs AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅24.01.2019 00:00:05

GIGABYTE presents the AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box – the world’s first ever Real-Time Ray Tracing capable external graphics card solution. The AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box features the NVIDIA Turing architecture with the GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card. It uses Thunderbolt 3 high-speed transmission interface to bring real-time ray tracing and gaming graphics performance to ultrabooks, laptops, and mini PCs.

Efficient 450W PSU

The AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box is a graphics powerhouse with a GeForce RTX 2070 graphics card and a 450W PSU installed inside, requiring no extra hassle or cost to put together an accommodating graphics card separately. The GPU is cooled by a customized 130mm large fan, ensuring superior thermal performance and quiet operation.

High-Speed Thunderbolt 3 Connectivity

The AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box takes advantage of high-speed Thunderbolt 3 connectivity to deliver significant graphics boost to laptops at a blazing-fast data transfer speed of 40Gbps. The Thunderbolt 3 plug-and-play support offers quick installation without the need to reboot. The Gaming Box can also charge the connected laptop with the maximum of 100W of power at the same time.

Compact and Portable

The AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box is compact for a space-saving setup compared to typical desktop setups. The Gaming Box can be also be easily stored or even carried on the go with the included carrying bag offering better portability.


The AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box also sports RGB lighting powered by GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0 illuminating from the inside of the chassis, and it can be synchronized with other AORUS devices.

Complete Docking Station

In addition to the graphics performance upgrade, the AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box serves as a complete docking station offering three sets of DisplayPort, an HDMI, and a USB-C (VirtualLink) outputs to connect up to four external monitors simultaneously. The AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box also packs three USB 3.0 ports available at the rear for connecting peripherals and external storage devices. There is also an extra Quick Charge 3.0 port for charging mobile devices.

No information on pricing and availability as of this writing. Learn more about the AORUS RTX 2070 Gaming Box here.

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