GIGABYTE Presents AORUS Project Stealth

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅20.05.2022 18:48:48

GIGABYTE presents the AORUS Project Stealth collection – GIGABYTE’s builder-friendly combo designed to make your PC building experience easier. The AORUS Project Stealth collection currently comprises a motherboard, graphics card, and chassis.

The AORUS Project Stealth includes the AORUS Z690 AORUS ELITE STEALTH motherboard, an AORUS GeForce GTX 3070 GAMING OC STEALTH graphics card, and an AORUS C300G STEALTH chassis, all customized to provide a perfect building block for your next super clean build.


With the most robust power delivery and dominant thermal design, glorified with the complete memory overclocking technology to crown your PC with the best Alder Lake’s performance in all its gaming glory.

The AORUS Z690 AORUS Elite Stealth motherboard has most of its connectors and headers on the backside of the motherboard. It offers easy installation and a perfect fit with the AORUS C300G Stealth chassis but may be obstructed with standard cases. Nevertheless, the AORUS Z690 AORUS ELITE STEALTH is the first motherboard of its kind to have such a feature.


Features 3x unique blade fans, screen cooling and alternate spinning technology, which together provide high-efficiency heat dissipation to keep the graphics card at a low temperature, resulting in higher and more stable performance. The GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming OC 8G Stealth also comes with a black I/O shield for complete stealth even at the rear.


Specially customized for a clearer vision, smoother airflows, and faster assembly. Retrieve your illustration window without any cables in sight and characterize it to the fullest.

GIGABYTE collaborated with MAINGEAR in presenting the AORUS Project Stealth. The collection will likely be offered at MAINGEAR as options in their prebuilt PCs. GIGABYTE did not reveal if they would expand this collection with other PC components as of this writing. GIGABYTE also did not reveal pricing.

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