GIGABYTE Releases Two Blower-Type RTX 2080 Ti Graphics Cards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅17.12.2018 18:15:16

GIGABYTE expands its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti line-up with blower-type models carrying the GIGABYTE and AORUS branding. The blower-type models are expected to be offered as the ‘value’ model with the AORUS model slightly overclocked higher than the reference model. The blower-type cooler features a Turbo Fan Cooling System with a Vapour Chamber that has direct touch to the GPU. The cooler is equipped with a durable double ball bearing fan.

Turbo Fan Cooling System

The GIGABYTE turbo fan cooling system is designed for systems and PCs with multiple graphics cards that require a rear exhaust to blow hot air outside the interior. This allows builders to stack multiple graphics cards without compromising thermals. The blower fan and vapour chamber direct touch combo offers efficient heat dissipation even with a restricted space and airflow.

Optimized Airflow

The GIGABYTE blower-type models have a specially designed exterior shroud that increases intake airflow even with a limited space. The ultra-durable blower fan expels heat out of the graphics card and chassis efficiently keeping the GPU and system cool.

Vapour Chamber Direct Touch

Vapour chamber has the best thermal conductivity to transfer the heat rapidly from the GPU to the heat sink. The VRAM and MOSFET also benefit from the vapour chamber cooling to deliver improved overall thermals.

Ultra-Durable Double Ball Bearing Fans

The double ball bearing fans equipped on the blower-type models are ultra-durable rated of up to 50,000 operating hours.

No information on pricing and availability as of this writing. Learn more on the product pages below:

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