GIGABYTE show off the GTX 980 Waterforce Tri-SLI setup

👤by Craig Farren Comments 📅11.11.2014 10:32:57

It's not everyday you read about a product that is so crazy, something so mental that you can't think of why anyone would buy it yet you really, really want to. The GIGABYTE GTX 980 Waterforce Tri-SLI setup certainly fits that criteria.

Included in the kit are 3 GTX 980s, cooled by a factory-fitted liquid cooling loop which is so big it has to sit outside your case. In fact, it's probably a similar size to your case except this is just for cooling. Each of the cards is an overclocked 980 with 1228 MHZ core, 1329 MHz GPU Boost, and 7.00 GHz memory speed. Each GPU has its own 120mm radiator and the unit has an LCD screen to control the fan speeds as well as display temperature and speed ratings.

No word on pricing yet but we can't imagine this thing is going to be cheap.

What do you think? Is this cool, crazy or just downright ridiculous? Or is it a combination of all 3?


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