Glimpse The Future As Corsair Showcase New PC Chassis Concepts

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Corsair are at Computex2017 and their major new product showcase has been the K68 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, but that is far from the limit of their ambitions. Computex isn't only a venue for what is imminent, it's also an ideal event to tease what will be, and what could be. Case in point - a selection of PC cases and cooling solutions which you may - or may not - see at retailer some time in the future.

Concept Curve

The Graphite 780T is something of a personal favourite of mine (I have one in yellow no less), so I was fascinated to hear about reimagining of the case with a carbon fibre finish and tempered glass panelling. That variant, as it turns out, is the Concept Curve, and it looks great.

"Concept Curve re-imagines the iconic CORSAIR Graphite 780T in stunning hand-finished carbon fiber and beautiful curved tempered glass, with a dynamic automotive look trimmed in orange and finished with mesmerizing prototype RGB fans. Multiple pieces of curved tempered glass encase Concept Curve, offering unimpeded visuals of the stunning liquid-cooled system within. Redefining the use of luxury materials in a PC, Concept Curve has the looks, finish and feel to match the most outlandish of super cars. "

The Concept Curve is a true melding of PC and Automotive modding aesthetics, and in this design is all about the bold colours and lighting. Nonetheless, a design similar to the Concept Curve could be far more subtle, for those more... refined tastes.

Concept Slate

Speaking of more refined tastes, how about the Concept Slate. A new super-tower chassis - a more modern variant of the Obsidian 800D if you will - this is how a tall blank slate for extreme performance systems (or in this case two such systems) could look if we wish upon a star very, very hard. The case is all straight lines and glass or mirrored finishes, ensuring that as little as possible stops you from gawking at the components on display. It also helps that the assembly team did excellent work with the internals - top job guys.

"Concept Slate is the future of the super-tower PC, designed for maximum system support and clad in stark sheets of smoked tempered glass, it represents the peak of what’s possible with a performance PC. Boasting massive water-cooling and dual-system hardware support, Concept Slate’s radically designed interior makes building and displaying the world’s most powerful PCs easier than ever, all with the best in fan and RGB lighting control built it. Boasting not one, but two fully water-cooled systems within its monolithic frame, Concept Slate is epic in design, scale and ability."

As 'Concept' designs it's unlikely we'll see these exact models released as retail products, but they should prove to be long-term inspiration not only to Corsair's design team, but also modders and Corsair fans the world over.

Corsair One... In Pink

The Corsair One isn't just a chassis, its a whole system. As well appointed as it may be however (and believe us, the specifications of that system are eye-watering) it is a little 'one-size fits all in terms of aesthetics. Of course there's nothing to stop you from modding one yourself (warranty permitting), but it appears that Corsair are also considering more colour options including this eye-catching shade of pink. It's not for everyone, but then neither is black, grey or white either.


RGB Lighting and Control very much en vogue this year, so it's no surprise that someone would take on the onerous task of truly unifying all the disparate standards under one roof. Corsair of course are no strangers to the concept, having been one of the first manufactures on the block to unlock USB lighting control via Corsair Link software and hardware, but for Computex they've taken it a step further. With SYNC IT, they have been able to design and implement syncronised RGB lighting across DIY, peripheral, cooling and chassis implementations. Furthermore, with the aid of MSI they have also been able to extend this to motherboard lighting; now lighting effects can zoom across keyboard, mouse case and motherboard in one unified whole.

SYNC IT is just a demo for now but, with chassis and cooling manufacturers able to be platform agnostic in a way that motherboard manufacturers cannot, a release to the public doesn't seem all that far-fetched.

Liquid Cooling, Refreshed

Rounding off the showcased system components are a new set of Hydro Liquid Cooling solutions and fans, taking advantage of new technologies for improved performance, aesthetics and control. Both Concept systems are cooled by these new Hydro designs, as well as featuring selected components from custom Hydro loops including CPU and GPU waterblocks.

"CORSAIR has been at the heart of enthusiast liquid cooling for years, and COMPUTEX 2017 offers a glimpse into the future with the unveiling of two revolutionary new advances. New prototype RGB Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers push style, performance and finish to the next level, combining a sandblasted aluminum pump head with beautiful 360° RGB lighting, magnetic levitation fans and a quieter, more efficient pump.

For those who strive for the absolute best in liquid cooling, CORSAIR is also proud to unveil its new performance custom liquid cooling water blocks, fittings and radiators. Cooling the CPUs and graphics cards of both Concept Slate and Concept Curve, the stunning nickel and copper water-cooling blocks, chromed fittings and efficient radiators are the first look at CORSAIR’s upcoming custom liquid cooling line-up, carrying the trademark CORSAIR commitment to quality, design and performance.

There's plenty to see at Computex2017, and Corsair are always a highlight at any event. With any luck we will all have the chance to see more of these concepts in the not too distant future.

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