Glorious PC Gaming Race Presents Glorious Lynx Switches

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅12.08.2021 20:33:28
Press Release

Coming to Overclockers UK, Glorious PC Gaming Race are adding their new Lynx Switches to the existing line-up of premium mechanical keyboard switches, perfect for both typing and gaming. The new Lynx Switches are compatible with the GMMK Pro keyboards.

Designed Inside and Out
Glorious PC Gaming Race is known for its attention to detail in regard to both technology and aesthetics. The Glorious Lynx features a teal blue top housing for a unique finish, with a high-quality nylon bottom housing sourced from Belgium. Inside you'll find premium-grade copper from Japan with a proprietary nickel-plated spring from Korea delivering a super smooth keypress time after time.

Installing the Lynx may mean that the keyboard's RGB effect is slightly dimmer versus switches with a transparent housing. The Lynx uses a 5-pin PCB mounting system, compatible with the GMMK Pro Keyboard - and the original GMMK permitting you to clip the extra two legs. There will be two variations available, pre-lubed and no lube.

Lynx Switch Features
Style: Linear
Bottom-Out Force: 60g+/- Variance
PCB Mount: 5-pin
Top Shell - Unique teal blue polycarbonate top housing.
Stem - Soft and flexible POM stem provides an unbelievably smooth operation.
Spring - Proprietary spring with nickel plating sourced from Korea.
Leaf - Premium-grade copper sourced from Japan.
Bottom Shell - High-quality nylon bottom housing sourced from Belgium.

The Glorious PC Gaming Race Lynx Switches is available in pack of 36 switches for 24.95, 34.99 for a pack of 36 pre-lubed switches. Now available for pre-order at Overclockers UK