Go Mechanical With CM Storm's Compact Quick Fire TK

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅16.10.2012 16:02:31

CM Storm appears to be going from strength to strength in the gaming peripheral market, just as their parent company Cooler Master is a central figure in the PC chassis market. Their latest product expands on the Quick Fire range of mechanical keyboards, adding yet another layout variant to satisfy a growing number of gamers who want jump on the mechanical keyboard trend but with many different needs.

The Quick Fire TK is described as a 'Quick Fire Rapid on steroids', which goes some way towards describing the hardware changes which have gone into the TK. Chief among these is n-key-rollover (NKRO) in USB, close to mandatory for high-end gaming but was previously restricted to PS/2 connectivity, allows all keystrokes to be registered. Unlike the Rapid, the TK also includes key backlighting, with a choice of LED colours dependant on the switch chosen.

The main keyboard layout is standard US with long Right Shift and half-height Return. Rather than choosing a standard tenkeyless layout for a compact design, CM Storm have dispensed instead with the PGUP/PGDOWN+Arrow Key block, shortening the keyboard to less than 38cm wide. The functions of the eliminated block are then replicated on the Number Pad, ensuring that a minimum of functionality is lost.

In order to add stability for those who really hammer their keyboard, CM Storm have embedded a steel plate to reduce flexibility. Additional cable management is also included behind the keyboard, reducing clutter.


Key Switch :- Cherry MX Black/ Blue/ Brown/ Red

Keycaps:- ABS, grip coated, removable

Keycap Puller:- Yes, ring-puller

Backlight:- All keys, Red, 5 Levels, 3 Modes

Key Rollover:- NKRO (windows only)

Polling Rate:- 1000 Hz /1 ms

Interface:- USB 2.0 full speed

USB cable:- 1.8m, braided, gold plated, removable

Dimensions:- 377.5(L)*138(W)*33(H)mm / 14.9(L)*5.4(W)*1.3(H)inch

Weight:- 544 g/1.2 lbs

All in all, the Quick Fire TK looks ideal for LAN parties, University Halls or other situations where desk space is at a premium. As yet, there has been no pricing or availability news, although the Quick Fire range has typically been in the more affordable price bracket as mechanical keyboards go. A UK specific layout is however unlikely.

For more information visit CMStorm.com or visit them on Facebook.

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