God of War For PC Receives FSR 2.0 Patch

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅31.05.2022 23:11:38

God of War Patch has just landed on Steam, bringing with it a significant addition to the game's image quality toolset. Santa Monica Studios have opted to add AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 to the in-game options, bringing with it a superior upscaling option compared to conventional means both in terms of performance and image quality. The feature should be available now, and supported by the majority of modern GPUs from both AMD and NVIDIA.

FSR 2.0 builds on FSR 1.0 by adding a temporal component to the upscaling process, comparing the upscaled image to previously rendered frames to generate a better approximation of the frame at the target resolution. Typically, FSR 2.0 will offer three different presets - "Performance, Balanced and Quality" - that prioritise the requirements of the user in question and their system configuration.

Performance benefits can be significant, with some titles seeing a frame rate uplift of over 100% in specific situations. That is highly dependent on resolution however; those players running on native 4K monitors will by some margin see the most impressive results.

SOURCE: GoW Patch Steam Page, AMD FSR 2.0 Explainer

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