Google Chrome To Replace Flash In Favor of HTML5

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅09.08.2016 22:25:07

Google Chrome is moving forward without Adobe Flash in favor of HTML5 by the end of this year. Adobe Flash player indeed played a huge role on the internet when it comes to video, animation and gaming. Today site's however are being developed in favor of the newer technologies such as HTML5. While Adobe Flash Player recently had some bad episodes regarding security as well as being notoriously known for slow page loads and other browser issues, HTML5 is simply better as it offers faster page load times, tighter security and reduced power consumption on your device. With that, Chrome plans to exit its use of Flash in favor of HTML5.

This September, Chrome 53 will start blocking Flash content in web loads such are those that support page analytics. This aims to improve the efficiency and responsiveness in many websites. By December this year with the Chrome 55 update, HTML5 will be the default experience in most websites except for those that only support Flash Player. Hence, the user will be prompted to enable Flash Player once the user visits the site for the first time. Other than that, Chrome promises a more power efficient and safer browsing experience.

With all these future developments to come, Chrome still plans to continue alongside Adobe to ensure that web experience will remain good and will not diminish or compromise security during the transition to HTML5.

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