Google Chrome Turns 10 Years Old

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅06.09.2018 18:39:02

Google Chrome celebrates its 10th year anniversary with a lot of updates and new features that will help users and improve the user experience. Chrome will be featuring a new look across all platforms – desktop, Android and iOS. It will feature a new colour palette and rounded shapes and edges. Website icons will be more visible and navigation across tabs will be better. These changes aim to help users browse faster along with simplified menus and prompts.

Chrome Omnibox

The Chrome search bar and address bar has been combined into one called Omnibox. Typing a keyword on the Omnibox will automatically give you results as fast as possible. Now you can find answers using the Omnibox without opening a new tab. The Omnibox will give instant answers from websites and automatic translations.

Improved Password Manager

Chrome team is also updating the browser’s Password Manager which will be available on the desktop platform and coming soon on mobile Chrome app. Chrome will now recognize a sign-up field, offer you a unique and secure password for that site, and save it. Every password follows these guidelines: at least one lowercase character, at least one uppercase character, and at least one number. If a site requires symbols, we’ll include those, too. We’ll also avoid certain characters for readability issues (like a lowercase “l” or uppercase “I”). Users can view all the passwords on the designated Chrome toolbar and be able to export all saved passwords into a .csv file.

How To Update Chrome

For manually updating your Chrome browser, visit chrome://settings/help and check for updates.


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