Google+ Pages: The power of search is the game-changer

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅10.11.2011 10:43:00

Social networking is a powerful tool and an intregal part of our lives. Millions of users interact with friends, family, strangers and companies using social media each day and now that Google has launched 'Pages' for Google+ the battle between Google+ and Facebook is hotting up. On the surface, the new feature feels like Google’s version of Facebook fan pages, a place where companies, celebrities and other “brands” can interact with their customers and followers by sharing news or engaging in discussions.

But Google brings something extra, something that Facebook and Twitter can’t offer - the power of open Web search. By adding Google+ Pages to Google search results and building in a one-key shortcut to Google+ Pages via the query box, Google is giving itself the advantage here.

Mary from Brothersoft writes in a recent blog post:
Mind you, I can do a Google search for CNN’s Twitter page or Amazon’s Facebook page by typing “CNN Twitter” or “Amazon Facebook” and find those pages at the top of the results.

But with Google shortcut called Direct Connect, all I have to do is type a “+” in front of the company name - such as “+Amazon” - and the Google+ Page comes up. Better yet, just by typing “+A” into the search box, I get a listing of Google+ Pages for Amazon, AT&T, Angry Birds and ABC News. And surely, there will soon be more in that list.

Source - Brothersoft

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