Haswell Entry-Level CPUs Get A Speed Boost

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅21.07.2014 15:24:22

This weekend Intel have added eight new SKUs at the lower end of their product stack, fleshing out the process which began with the Haswell Refresh in May and continued with Devil's Canyon. Intended for the LGA1150 platform (8 and 9-Series motherboards), they sport a single multiplier bump from the SKU being replaced, increasing core frequency by 100MHz and overall performance by ~3-4%.

The new CPUs start at the entry-level dual-core Pentium G3250, a 53W TDP part that clocks up to 3.2GHz, which is joined by a low-power 2.8GHz G3250T variant. Mainstream parts include the low-power Core i3 4160T and Core i3-4370, each supporting hyperthreading and DDR3-1600MHz memory. Clock speeds for these Core i3 parts top out at 3.8GHz.

Pricing, most notably with regards to the Pentium SKUs, are targeted to compete with AMD's APU range including the AMD A6-6400K and A8-5500. They won't be of immense interest to the enthusiast market, but they are the bread and butter for budget and HTPC systems and their builders. A full spec. list is shown below:

Source: CPU-World

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