HGST Ultrastar SS300 - Highest Performing 12Gb/s SAS SSD

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅17.05.2017 19:26:33

HGST, under Western Digital Corp., has released the new Ultrastar SS300 SAS solid state drive which is the industry’s highest performing 12Gb/s SAS solid state drive offering the best random performance speeds of 400,000 IOPS for random read and 200,000 IOPS for random write.

Key Features
Blazing Performance – Random IOPS up to 400K Read, up to 200K Write
Endurance Choice – Four options support wide range of workloads
Three Power Options – Tune for max performance or power efficiency

The new HGST Ultrastar SS300 SAS SSD is built for data intensive application as demanded by today’s virtual storage systems, hybrid cloud environments and database systems. The SS300 is offered is capacities up to 7.68TB, one of the larger offerings available today giving data centre builders more data storage or to reduce the number of drives and save rack space.

The Ultrastar SS300 SAS SSD is offered in different endurance ratings for different applications along with different power settings. Power settings include ultra-low power modes that maximizes energy savings or unlock additional performance with a 14-watt envelop. With the variety of endurances and power settings, the SS300 can come with either MLC NAND technology or TLC NAND technology.

Features and Benefits
- SAS 12Gb/s interface
- MLC NAND flash memory
- 2100 / 2050 MB/s sequential R/W
- 400K / 200K IOPS random R/W
- 285K IOPS on 70/30 mixed R/W
- 9, 11 & 14 Watt options
- 400GB to 7.68TB
- 0.35% AFR (2.5M hours MTBF)
- 1E-17 bit error rate
- Power loss data management
- Unlimited reads, up to 59 PB writes
- T10 end-to-end data protection
- Exclusive-OR (XOR) NAND

Visit the HSGT website for more information on the new Ultrastar SS300 SAS SSD.

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