HIS Launches New 6870 IceQ 1GB Range

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London, 23 September 2011 – HIS today launched a new addition to their award-winning 6800 series – the HIS 6870 IceQ 1GB GDDR5. Equipped with HIS’ performance-leading IceQ cooling technology and silent configuration, the model provides superb image quality and astonishing performance for enthusiastic gamers. As recognised by numerous users, the HIS 6870 family demonstrated outstanding display quality for all tested games in the highest resolutions.

HIS 6870 IceQ 1GB GDDR5 runs at 900 MHz Core Clock and 4200 MHz Memory Clock speeds, enhancing gaming and graphic experiences in every possible aspect. The HIS IceQ cooler further eliminates temperature and noise concerns, providing users with an overall superb gaming experience.

The new HIS 6870 IceQ 1GB GDDR5 cards will be available at Overclockers UK and Ebuyer.com for an SRP of £130.

Product Features & Benefits

1. IceQ Cooling Technology
HIS innovative air-cooling technology that can dramatically decrease the GPU temperature together with the PC components.

2. Cooler
HIS 6870 IceQ is over 24°C cooler than the Reference Cooler.

3. Quieter
HIS 6870 IceQ is over 10dB quieter than the Reference Cooler, significantly reducing noise level.

4. Quadruple Heatpipes
Optimize cooling performance by removing heat from the core area, providing ultimate solution for professional gamers and HTCP users.

5. Black Hole Impeller
Cool air is drawn from both sides of the fan to thereby enhance the cooling efficiency, directly exhausts hot air out of PC case.

for more information on the HIS 6870 IceQ 1GB GDDR5 visit the manufacturers reference page at http://www.hisdigital.com/un/product2-663.shtml, or navigate to hisdigital.com for more products from HIS.

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